Practice is the criterion of truth

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Elena Karaeva

Not giving a damn about individual freedoms and rights, the Austrian parliament at the end of this week introduced mandatory vaccination for all adults living in the Alpine republic. The law comes into effect on February 4.
Mandatory vaccination (de facto) begins to operate in France : if you don’t want to be locked up waiting for social death, go and inject yourself!
Exactly one year has passed since the approval in the EU of the vaccines produced by Pfizer / BionTech and others by Johnson & Johnson, the level of vaccination in the member countries of the community is very high, sometimes reaching 90% of the adult population (France), but to date, about every fifth European. The highest rate of infection is still in France, officials believe that at least 15 million people have picked up the coronavirus.
More than one and a half million inhabitants of the united Europe died from COVID and its consequences. You can argue with anything but numbers – the level of infection and the number of deaths make the EU countries by far the most infected and one of the most affected regions in the world. And the vaccines used in Europe have brilliantly proven their ineffectiveness in the fight against the pandemic. At the same time, accounting reports, for example, of Pfizer Corporation have never been so caressing the eyes of shareholders – the pharmaceutical company reported a record-breaking profit (before tax) of $ 36 billion.
The conclusion that suggests itself is that the EU has spent cosmic sums to buy anti-coronavirus drugs that give (if they give) only a short-term effect (immune protection after an injection decreases exponentially over several weeks), apart from the fact that vaccines are almost useless against the two most common strains today – both “delta” and “omicron”.
If you thought that in Brussels and other “places of strong decision-making” the received scientific and statistical data made the authorities in power doubt the correctness of their chosen course, then you were greatly mistaken.
Climbing to the high podium of the European Pa-rliament, French President Emmanuel Macron stated without hesitation that “a united Europe has given a worthy and humanistic response to the challenges, having managed to cope with the pandemic.”
Further, in the same speech, it was noted – “in contrast to the regimes that we consider dictatorial.” Without a direct indication and pointing a finger, however, everyone understood everything: today, what is happening in the EU, where segregation is openly and legally carried out and mandatory vaccination is introduced, there is a triumph of “ideas of democracy and humanism”, in the same place where there are relatively few restrictions, and vaccinations – only one of the infection control tools is the “dictatorship”.
From the very beginning of the pandemic, from the very first wave of infections, the authorities, political leaders and governments of all countries faced the same question – how to protect the societies and economies entrusted to them from collapse and paralysis. The question was the same, but the answers were different.
The European Union and its member countries, having lost both their own scientific base and their pharmaceutical industry as a result of the actions of the globalist elites, decided to rely on their senior partner, the United States. In everything – from the development to the production of preventive drugs.
Russia, which has repeatedly offered both help and support to the united Europeans (accepted only through gritted teeth), has managed to develop vaccines and establish their production over the same time, and start supplying dozens of countries with its preventive drugs.
And yes, let’s say again that you can argue with anything but numbers, but in the states that have purchased Sputnik V and booster Sputnik Light, the infection curve is approximately at zero. It is enough, for example, to compare the epidemiological situation in Italy (where Pfizer and Modern were vaccinated), and San Marino, neighboring the Apennines, in which the authorities purchased the Russian drug.
Arrogance and unsecured aplomb regarding the achievements of Russian microbiology – this is the only way to evaluate the reaction of the head of the French Ministry of Health Veran, who, answering a question about the possibility of using the Russian vaccine back in August 2020, said that he “does not know that such a drug in principle exists,” and that he, Olivier Veran, prefers to wait for the products of American pharmaceutical companies.
Practice is the criterion of truth, as the bearded classic of dialectical materialism once noted, and Olivier Veran, who made three injections with “products of American pharmaceutical companies”, contracted the coronavirus last week and went into self-isolation for seven days.
Exactly one year ago, at the very beginning of the vaccination campaign in the EU, all those involved in decision-making argued publicly and privately, both in writing and orally, that preventive anti-coronavirus drugs would make the united Europeans practically immune to infection, thereby allowing the spread infection under control.
This discourse lasted only six months. At the moment when the delta strain began to circulate in the EU member countries, the tone and emphasis were changed – it turned out that the vaccine “does not protect against infection”, but only “mitigates the course of the disease, avoiding hospitalization and getting into intensive care.” In the same intensive care wards and in the very hospitals where the authorities of European countries for a long time put beds under the knife for receiving patients.
For two years, not a single permanent hospital has been deployed in the EU that would specialize in the treatment of covid patients, just as new vacancies for infectious disease doctors and resuscitators have not been created, not to mention the nursing staff.
Almost all financial resources were directed either to the purchase of vaccines, the effectiveness of which is most clearly illustrated by the number of infected, as well as to pay for various consulting services related to the logistics and distribution of vaccines in the EU. Over the course of two years, we have all witnessed a competition in which greed, myopia, arrogance, political hypocrisy acted on one side, and on the other, openness, sincerity and a desire to truly protect people from adversity.
Enthusiasm and disinterestedness, and in an era when, as it seemed, the passion for profit and the lies accompanying it finally captured all positions, gradually and confidently won. Without loud words and pathos.
What is presented as an achievement in the EU today has long been current medical practice in Russia.
From nasal vaccines to nasal anti-coronavirus drugs, in fact, this is precisely what achieves a relatively low level of infections. It does not require the introduction of those measures that can hardly be called otherwise than draconian and dictatorial.
As for Russophobia, it, and this should also be emphasized, also removes its harvest. Sometimes lethal. The unwillingness to cooperate with Russia in the fight against a common enemy that knows no borders and does not understand the details of geopolitics has led the EU to pay for other people’s profits and other people’s quotes on the stock exchanges with the lives and well-being of its own citizens.

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