President Alvi tests positive for coronavirus again

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has contracted coronavirus for the second time and he appealed to the people to implement SOPs.

“I have contracted the coronavirus again,” President Arif Alawi said in a message on the social networking site Twitter on Thursday.

“I have had a sore throat for four to five days but now I am getting better. I felt a mild fever for a few hours two nights ago but there are no other symptoms,” he said.

He said in a message to the people that they should take precautionary measures again and follow SOPs.

The reason for the rapid increase in cases is being attributed to the new variant of the virus, Omicron, which has led to the fifth wave of the virus in the country.

Speaking today, Asad Omar, head of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), said that the option of lockdown was not being considered at the moment but the immediate focus was on speeding up vaccination.

Earlier, President Arif Ali had contracted the virus on March 29 last year.

He said on the occasion that he had received only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine while his wife Samina Alvi had said that the President had minor symptoms but he is feeling well.