President House an overrated budget

According to the allocated budget for the office of the President for the year 2016-17, the annual expenditures of the President House were to the tune of Rs801 m.

Under the head of emp­l­oyees-related expenses, a sum of Rs567m has been earmarked. Of it, Rs105m has been earmarked for salary of staff, Rs82 million for salary of officers, Rs378m for allowances, Rs142m for operating expenses, Rs88m for grants, subsidies and written-off loans, and Rs20m for maintenance.

This is something need to take care because It is costing the tax payers millions of rupees for no reason except to watch the President not more than twice or thrice every year with nothing substantial to contribute.

Abolishing this post as soon as possible, Will be a great service for the people of Pakistan.

Shah Usama




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