President inaugurates two roads

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KABUL: President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani inaugurated two roads in Kabul city on Sunday.

The president opened the Bagramio Nisajai and Syed Noor Muhammad Shah Maina roads after completion of construction in Kabul city.

Addressing the ceremony, Kabul acting mayor Abdullah Habibzai said that the issue of closure of routes was resolved with the construction of the roads.

On the occasion, President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani said construction of roads was the right of people on the government.

He stressed that land grabbers were not acceptable to him at any cost. He vowed to eliminate these elements with the support of people.

The Afghan nation won jihad besides facing the troubles of asylum and defence of country, he said. The distribution of lands was the right of nation, security and defence forces and families of martyrs. The documents of land grabbers were fake and unacceptable, the president stressed.

The present Kabul would be changed into the Kabul of the Babar era, the president vowed. Priority would be given to the ignored parts of Kabul in the future.


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