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President promulgates ordinance for voting right to expatriates in general elections

Written by The Frontier Post

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pre-sident Dr Arif Alvi Satur-day promulgated an ordinance to grant voting right to the overseas Pakistanis and allow the use of electronic voting machine in general elections.

Through Second Elec-tion (Amendment) Ordina-nce, the president amended the sections 94 (1) and 103 of Election Act 2017.

“The Commission shall with technical assistance of the National Database and Registration Authority or any other Authority and Agency shall enable overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote during general elections in their country of residence,” says the amended section 94 (1) of the Election Act.

According to the amended section 103, the Election Commission would be responsible for procurement of the electronic voting machine for use in general election.

Earlier, the law had allowed extending voting right, use of electronic voting and biometric verification machine as pilot project in bye-election which would now be used for general elections too.

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