President stresses upon promotion of religious harmony, unity

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ISLAMABAD (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi on Monday stressed upon further promotion of religious harmony and unity among all ranks of the society as Pakistan had reached to a tipping point from where it was heading towards a brighter future.

Addressing Wahdat-e-Ummat conference at the Aiwan e Sadr, the President underscored the important role of Ulema and Mashaikhs in the society, urging them to continue playing their role in foiling all evil designs aimed at sowing seeds of religious disharmony and discord in the society.

The president referring to the efficacy of making collective efforts and response of the nation during coronavirus pandemic, observed that such joint efforts always led to positive results.

Ulema and Mashaikhs enjoyed deep influence in a society as people attentively listened to their words, he added.

He observed that from history, it was evident whenever Muslims rose to prominence, it was always on the basis of pursuits of high principles and values and it was still his firm conviction that they would rise again.

The conference was attended by a large number of Ulema and Mashaikhs belonging to different schools of thoughts.

Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri and number of ambassadors were also present. The objective of holding the conference was to further promote religious harmony and making of efforts to end sectarianism.

The president said Pakistan had learnt from the bitter experiences of the past and was the only country in the world which had defeated terrorism and overcome religious hatred. “We had been through it. A large number of people sacrificed their lives. Now we are moving ahead. Pakistan is the sole country in the world which has defeated terrorism. Even the US had tried but failed,” he added.

Now, India was falling into that pitch due to increasing trend of religious hatred and strife in the society, he added.

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