Pretenders of bringing change ruin KP

Pretenders of bringing change ruin KP: Alamzaib

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Prominent leader and PMLN Lawyers’ Wing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President, Alamzaib Khan Advocate has said that rather than introducing reforms the pretenders of bringing change have ruined the province and a hustle bustle of corruption was in progress in KP. In a brief media talk at his residence here Monday, Alamzaib Khan said a sense of deprivation was found among the underprivileged people of the province while due to increased incidents of lawlessness the people of KP were feeling as unsafe.

To save “Ali Baba and forty thieves”, he said the doors of Ehtesab Commission have been locked. He further said that Imran who once called the Metro Bus as “ Jangla Bus” and depicted obtaining loan from foreign countries as “ curse” was now seemed to be in a hurry to complete Metro Bus project in Peshawar to save the vanishing features of PTI. For this purpose, he said PTI government obtained foreign loans worth billions of rupees.   The miscalculated policies and political immaturity has turned Peshawar, the city of flowers into a trash heap and people have to bear the brunt of this bad governance in shape of different diseases. He said the people of Peshawar nowadays were faced with great difficulties as almost all the roads of the district were in worst dilapidated state.

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