Prime Minister’s bold stand

Condemning the blasphemous cartoons competition in the Netherland, Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed the recurrence of such incidents as collective failure of the Muslim world, saying he would take up the matter in the United Nations General Assembly the next session of which will be held in September. “This is collective failure of the entire Muslim world,” the Prime Minister said in his maiden to Senate on Monday.

“The OIC should have taken up the matter and forged a practical strategy. But this organisation of 50 plus Islamic countries is yet to wake up to detestable moves perpetrated to hurt the sentiments of Muslims,” said the Prime Minster. He said that after the publication of Salaman Rushdi’s blasphemous ‘Satanic Verses’ it is very easy to malign Muslims in the West. And they have been successfully doing it.Leader of the House Shibli Faraz moved a resolution, condemning the blasphemous cartoons competition being held in the Netherland which was unanimously approved by the upper house of the parliament.

The Prime Minster has dug out the sycophancy and hate against Islam in the western democracies. He has unmasked the double standard of political leadership in the western countries in the garb of democracy and freedom of expression. He said any meaningful discussion is not allowed on Holocaust and the exaggerated number of Jews who were claimed killed in it. He said four western countries have introduced jail sentence against those who are critical of Holocaust. If they feel pained discussing the Holocaust why haven’t we been able to convey the west how much we feel pained when they do blasphemous things against Islam and our beloved Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) ?

The collective attitude of Islamic countries against the incidents hurting the sentiments of Muslims has been very docile and pathetic. None of the governments in Islamic countries gave a robust response when Salman Rushdie’s blasphemous novel was published and sold in September, 1988. The religious parties in Pakistan took protest march in Islamabad in which six students of a seminary were killed in 1989. But the PPP government did not take up this issue diplomatically from the OIC platform, nor was a protest note handed over to the UK ambassador. However, the Iranian government expressed anguish and indignation over it.

A number of Islamic countries took side with the United States and its western allies in war against the former Soviet Union and after its collapse ganged with them in war against Iraq which was declared illegal by the then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anan. Islamic countries of the Middle East remained silent over the destruction of Libya and once again became instrumental in igniting civil war in Syria. They do not realize that now the Christian countries of the west are targeting Islam and the Muslims with different modus operendi. Publications and competition of sacrilegious cartoons, legislation against full-face veil and closures of mosques are its various manifestations.

Islamphobia has now been pressing hard the nerves of Christian clergy and political leaders in the West European countries. Austria has shut down seven mosques and expelled 40 Imams. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz justified this action as curbing the rise of “political Islam” in his county. Danish parliament passed law in June banning full-face Islamic veil. The legislation has made wearing “Burqa” or “Niqab” a cognizable offence liable to a fine of 1000 Kroner. But repeated violations will be fined up to 10000 kroner. It was Denmark where blasphemous caricatures were published for the first time in February 2006. In France editorial board of a magazine Charlie Hebdo   planned to do the same mischief which provoked gunmen to attack its office on January 7, 2015 killing 12 people. France was the first European country to ban wearing “Niqab” in public place and the law took effect in 2011. It was totally flabbergasting that the European Court of Human Rights last year upheld a Belgian ban on wearing full face ban in public. In a country like UK where discriminatory laws against Muslims are not in place, even there a far right group distributed in April urging the Christians to observe a “Hate Muslim Day.”Incidents of stabbing were reported on that day. Hate emotions have deeply permeated in the Christian society. The people on the road and inside a busy shopping mall in Nottingham did not bother to come to the rescue of a teenage Egyptian Muslim Girl Mariam Moustafa when she was being fatally punched by a group of racist English girls. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has jolted the sleeping conscience of rulers of Islamic countries to assert their Muslim identity with unity and power.


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