Prince Andrew and trial for rape

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Alexander Khabarov

Elizabeth II stripped her middle son, Pr-ince Andrew, Duke of York, of honorary military titles and the title of “His Royal Highness”. He will defend himself in an American court on charges of rape of a minor as an ordinary citizen. It is not for nothing that the royal family is called a “firm”: harsh rules dictate to the monarch to eliminate delinquent relatives-managers.
In the survival game, the rules are strict. Elizabeth’s grandfather, George V, den-ied asylum to his beloved cousin, Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, and members of his family. As a result, t-hey were shot. The brothers were not just friends, they were like two peas in a pod, but in 1918 Nikolai could bring the train of revolution with him to Britain, and th-is was contrary to the interests of the UK.
Since the first half of the twentieth century, Ameri-can women have become t-he scourge of the royal fa-mily. Because of the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, the uncle of Elizabeth, Ed-ward VIII, abdicated. Gra-ndson Harry left everything for the sake of a family nest with actress Meghan Mar-kle. But worst of all is the situation with Andrew, who, due to an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old US citizen, is about to find himself on the bench. Att-empts to fight off this case were futile, New York ju-dge Lewis Kaplan accepted it for consideration. The la-wyers for the victim Virgi-nia Giuffre (nee Roberts) now have the legal right to interrogate the British prince.
The accuser’s lawyer, an experienced 80-year-old lawyer David Boys, nicknamed the “Grand Inquisitor”, has questions not only for Andrew, but also for his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.
Their unlucky father dragged them into this business. Denying his connection to the underage Giuffre, he told the BBCthat on the day he is credited with their meeting, he went to a pizzeria with children. As far as is kn-own, the prince has no witnesses ready to confirm his alibi. As there is no medical opinion about the strange features of his body. Again, in an interview with the BBC, the Duke of York denied Giuffre’s memories of sweating: Andrew claimed that after the Falklands war he lost the ability to sweat. But there are those who saw how that day the prince danced with an accusing girl at the Tramp London nightclub, and there is a photo where they are hugging in the house that belonged to his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, the former mistress and henchman of the American billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
In 2019, Epstein unexpectedly died in an Ame-rican prison: he allegedly committed suicide. But there are many, including Ghislaine Maxwell herself, who doubt his suicide. Epstein maintained contacts with a large number of famous and influential people, among them former US Presidents Trump and Bill Clinton. A portrait of the latter – in a blue woman’s dress and red high-heeled shoes – hung in the living room of the late billionaire’s New York home.
Found guilty of child molestation, Maxwell is now also in prison. Her lawyers are trying to challenge the jury’s verdict. Whether or not she will make a deal with the investigation in order to cut off her sentence is still a big question. She faces a prison term of 65 years, in fact, a life sentence. She has already agreed to the disclosure of some of the information about her joint affairs with Epstein. The package of documents contains the names of eight people who have so far been classified. It is possible that Andrew Windsor will be on this list.
The almost unanimous opinion of London lawyers boils down to the fact that the most correct step for the prince is to achieve an out-of-court decision. In other words, pay off. The case threatens to be unprecedented. The royal may be required to record conversations and telephone messages, Andrew will also have to answer questions about his private conversations with Elizabeth II. To avoid such a shame, he will have to fork out. And every day the price of a potential transaction only grows. If earlier they spoke about five million dollars, now the amount has doubled – ten million US dollars. The prince urgently needs money, and he is selling his Swiss chalet. The royal family refused to cover the costs associated with the scandalous process.
The deprivation of honorary military titles was a heavy blow for the prince. He served 23 years in the Royal Navy. The next step could be to deprive Andrew of the title of duke. Crowned relatives are fenced off from him, like from the plague. Only his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson openly supports him. This is in many ways a strange union. They divorced in 1996, but now live under the same roof.
Before meeting Sarah, the prince had another love – the American (!) Actress Koo Stark. She also came to his defense, arguing that her former lover could not be interested in minors. Ku Stark shared her memories of their first meeting: “We were walking to the Bevix restaurant on Walton Street near Harrods and right at the entrance we bumped shoulder to shoulder. As soon as I stepped forward, Andrew did the same. Hitting each other, we retreated, then moved forward again. And then he says: “I am a prince, so I go first.”
It was arrogance that killed Andrew, David Boyes, Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer, suggested in an interview with the London Times: no remorse, no sympathy for the victims.” Whatever the outcome of this case, the shameful stain in his biography of the prince can no longer be washed off.

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