Private schools

Through the section of your regarded newspaper, I might want to draw the consideration of individuals on the issue that parents of numerous students of private school complained that they were being compelled to pay the educational fee for the month of June and July.

Parents said that they had gotten a circular from the school asking them to ensure payment of June fee alongside with the fee for the month of April and the July charge with the charge for the period of May. This creates a burden on the parents who are already under the pressure of paying high fees. Parents from lower and middle wage bunches say that the charging of propel expense puts a superfluous strain on their pockets.

They say that the entire idea of charging expenses for excursion months ought to be addressed alongside the act of requesting that parents pay ahead of time.

This year, most schools both huge chains and little autonomous private establishments sent advance fee circular before the summer holidays and parents were asked to pay the charge ahead of time or face penalties. Parents likewise asserted that various schools additionally wanted to gather tuition fees of a year in two, three or four installments, which ought to be checked.

The parents further said payment of fees ahead of time overburdened them monetarily as well as confined them from moving their children to some other school while having paid the expenses for June, July and August in advance.

In addition, many private schools are not enabling the parents to buy the scholarly books from the nearby markets instead they are taking overwhelming stationary charges from the parents.

The poor parents are much perturbed, as it has turned out to be difficult to manage the cost of the exorbitant education. Furthermore, parents said that the private schools and colleges were keeping the poor away from quality education.

For middle class people providing the education to their children at the private schools now turned into a fantasy, as they are not able to pay substantial charges of school and van fees for 2 months at the same time because not only the schools’ administrations but also the drivers of school vans dependably requested their month to month charges for June and July to be paid ahead of time.

Regardless of provincial Government order of not to collect summer vacation fee for the months of June and July, many parents have been asked by their children’s schools to pay the fees. The SHC ruling said that there ought not be an expansion in the school expenses of more than 5% in a year. However, few schools had expanded the expense to up to 10% in an unmistakable infringement of the law. Sindh Education Department along with Chairman of Private Schools Management Association, Sindh High Court (SHC) and educational institutions should take strict actions against these schools and make some policies which should be implemented in all the private schools.

The school fees should be increased in accordance to the parent’s monthly income, so that they are able to pay the school fees without any difficulty.

Azbal Furat