Privatization Of Afghan War Against National Sovereignty: Karzai

KABUL (TOLONews): Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has expressed his opposition to the possibility that U.S. private companies will be responsible for the Afghan war.

Recently Erik Prince, the former CEO of the private military company, Blackwater, has offered to step up the Afghan air war with a private air force capable of intelligence collection and close-air support, the Military Times reported.

Karzai said that if the responsibility of the war is transferred to private companies by the US government that would be a clear contradiction with the national sovereignty of the country and an explicit violation of the constitution of this country.

Karzai considers the privatization of war in Afghanistan as a means of prolonging the war, continuing the killing of innocent people and provoking self-affirmation and breaking the law.

“I vehemently oppose the proposal to the U.S. govt to outsource its war in Afghanistan to private security firms. This would be prolonging and intensifying the bloodshed in Afghanistan and a blatant violation of our national sovereignty and constitution,” Karzai wrote on his twitter.

Karzai also called on National Unity Government to oppose the project. “I call upon the Afghan govt to oppose and denounce this anti-Afghanistan project,” Karzai said US officials have said that Gen. John Nicholson, commander-in-chief of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has refused to privatize the Afghan war.

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