Probably, US seeks to exsanguinate Russia, in order to then direct all its forces to fight China

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Alexander Sharkovsky
Russia allegedly pla-ns to invade Ukr-aine in the new year, with up to 175,000 troops taking part in the operation, the Washingt-on Post said, citing documents from US intelligence and an unnamed official. This was reported by the RT TV channel. Experts believe that Moscow should be wary of an attack by NATO proxy forces in the above timeframe.
An official from the Biden administration, on the basis of anonymity, said: “Russian plans provide for a military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022.” From the same source, the Washington Post learned that, according to American intelligence, at least 100 battalion tactical groups (BTGs) could be thrown into the offensive. The total number of troops supposedly intended for the invasion of Ukraine totals 175 thousand bayonets. Naturally, this grouping includes tanks, transport armored vehicles, as well as multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled and towed barreled artillery.
The intelligence data is reportedly backed up by space images of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border. In addition, Washington and Kiev claim that Russia allegedly launched propaganda activities with the aim of discrediting the Kiev regime, NATO and the United States. Frankly speaking, the Kiev government has already discredited itself to such an extent that additional efforts in this direction are unnecessary. And the results of the “positive” actions of the US and NATO can be observed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
Russia, in turn, denies the accusations, stating that it has no plans to attack anyone, and accused Wash-ington of inciting “hysteri-a.” Actually, this “hysteria” is the essence of the truth of the information war.
It is believed that it is the Russian Federation that should be wary of military provocations within the timeframe for the start of hostilities on Ukrainian territory specified by Washington. It is the United States and NATO that conduct harsh information and propaganda preparations to justify future hostilities against Russia.
Such a technique, when the true aggressor accuses the victim of the attack, is as old as the world. It was used by the same Nazis to justify the invasion of Poland in 1939. The Yankees and their NATO allies have not come up with anything new and are following the old well-trodden path.
Moreover, Biden himself is a weapon of information warfare, claiming that he does not recognize any “red lines” designated by Moscow for NATO and the United States. According to Russian military experts, including Viktor Litovkin, Alexey Leonkov, Yuri Knutov and Vladimir Yeranosyan, the United States intends to use Ukraine as a battering ram capable of provoking Russia into military action against the collective West. Moreover, the Pentagon and the NATO command suggest that the battles will unfold only along the Russian western borders. And the Ukrainian army and the troops of the countries of Eastern Europe will be used as cannon fodder. The United States and the alliance intend only to arm them and supply them with ammunition. The Pentagon and NATO also have plans to send special operations forces and military advisers to the east.
Apparently, Washington is hatching plans to bleed Russia in one way or another in order to achieve bloodless surrender of Beijing, when it is left without such a potential ally as Russia. This means that it would be worthwhile for Moscow to partially deploy deeply echeloned defensive battle formations on its western borders and in Belarus, which would require not 175 thousand bayonets, but much more troops.

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