Production of Zircon hypersonic missiles for Russian Navy kicks off

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MOSCOW (TASS): Rus-sia’s Military-Industrial C-orporation Research and Industrial Association of Machine Building (MIC N-PO Mashinostroyenia) in t-he Moscow Region town of Reutovo started a serial p-roduction of Tsirkon hypersonic missiles for the country’s Navy, a source close to the situation told TASS.
“A serial production of Tsirkon missiles is underway at the NPO Mashin-ostroyenia, although state trials of this product’s surface launches will continue,” the source stated.
Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on November 3 that the trials of the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile were nearing completion and they would start arriving for the Russian Navy from next year.
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin on November 18 on the successful test-launch of a Tsirkon hypersonic missile in the White Sea.
A source in the domestic defense industry told TASS earlier this week that flight development tests of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile from an underwater carrier after two successful test-launches would resume from the Project 885M (Yasen-M) modified nuclear-powered submarine Perm in 2024.
On October 4, the nuclear-powered submarine Severodvinsk test-fired Tsirkon hypersonic missiles from its surface and submerged position in the White Sea for the first time.
A source earlier told TASS that the state trials of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile would begin in November and continue in December. Overall, five test-launches against sea and coastal targets are planned. On August 24, 2021, a contract was signed at the Army 2021 international arms show on the delivery of Tsirkon hypersonic missiles to the Russian troops.
The Tsirkon multi-purpose hypersonic missile is designated to strike sea and ground targets.
President Putin earlier said that Tsirkon hypersonic missiles capable of flying at Mach 9 (nine times the speed of sound) and striking targets at over 1,000 km would go on combat alert soon.

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