Professor shows support for women kept from studies

KABUL (TOLOnews): Ismail Mashal, a university lecturer, distributes thousands of books to the people.
The professor, who transports the books on a homemade pushcart, lamented that female students will not be able to learn because they are not allowed to go to university.
“I decided to give all of these 21,000 books as a gift to students and other compatriots,” Mashal said.
The pushcart is decorated as a tree with branches, the leaves of which are marked with the names of academic fields.
A sign at the top says that in Islam, education is obligatory for both men and women.
Mashal said he has spent years collecting these books for students and he does not want them to go to waste.
“When the doors of universities and schools are closed, these books will get buried under dust, and their time will pass. I intended to give these books to my people as a present,” Masha said.
Residents of Kabul praised the lecturer and asked the Islamic Emirate to immediately open universities and schools to female students.
“We all want our sisters and mothers to go to school and study while wearing the hijab,” said Khalil Ahmad, a resident of Kabul.
“People should take advantage of this chance and read books at home,” said, a resident of Kabul.
Earlier, Ismail Mashal ripped up his certificates and diplomas on a live show on TOLOnews to protest the ban on women’s education in the country.