Program of Crimean Tatar culture reduced because of Ukraine

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ANKARA (RIA Novosti): The days of Crimean Tatar culture in Ankara were held under an abbreviated program due to the position of the Turkish authorities, which, at the request of Ukraine, changed the venue of the event, said Unver Sel , chairman of the Federation of Crimean Tatar Societies in Turkey .
“We were going to hold the days of Crimean Tatar culture for three days, starting with a holiday in the Youth Park in Ankara. However, as it is already becoming a sad tradition, the Turkish Foreign Ministry, not on its own initiative, but at the request of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the elsewhere, “Sel said, speaking at the opening of the event.
The organizers were forced to hold the event in one day and move it to the site of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in Ankara, Sel said.
“A representative delegation from Crimea came to us – scientists, deputies, rectors, deans, journalists, representatives of other state and public organizations. Many cultures have mixed in Crimea. There is no other similar example where so many nations live together – Russians, Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians , Greeks, Germans, Armenians and others. We want to tell the world about how all these nationalities, cultures, languages ??live together in peace and harmony, “said Sel.
At the same time, according to him, the Ukrainian leadership is engaged in inciting Western countries to create chaos in the region. “However, we see that they are failing. We are in favor of the Turkish leadership having truthful and objective information about what is happening in Crimea,” the head of the federation added.
During the conference “Cultural and humanitarian ties of the Crimean Tatar organizations of the Republic of Crimea with compatriots in Turkey”, representatives of Russia and Turkey made reports . In particular, the president of the Crimean Academy of Sciences Viktor Tarasenko called on Turkish colleagues to join forces to combat drought, the problem of which is facing both Crimea and Turkey. To this end, he proposed joint work aimed at creating treatment facilities and developing various methods of desalination of sea water. He also believes that Russia and Turkey can cooperate on the creation of “carbon farms” that would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Director of the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theater Zarema Bilyalova made a report on the theatrical life of Crimea. Zenife Veli, a representative of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol, spoke about the vector of development of traditional Islam in Russian Crimea. A lecturer at Canakkale University (Turkey) Vedat Chalishkan made a historical report on the topic “Russian exodus – how they came from Crimea to Gelibolu”.
The general idea of ??all the speakers was that it was necessary to convey to the Turkish authorities information about the current state of affairs in Crimea, about the positive changes that are taking place there after the return of the peninsula to Russia, about the dynamic development of the Crimean Tatar people in terms of culture, religion and education. The participants called on their Turkish counterparts to strengthen cooperation in various areas of activity and stressed that cooperation between Turkey and Crimea will open up many business opportunities and benefit both countries, as well as the Crimean Tatar people. The ensemble of the Crimean Tatar folk music performed at the event. In addition, an exhibition of photographs was held, which presented the cultural attractions of the peninsula.

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