Projects delayed in past govts caused big loss

Projects delayed in past govts caused big loss: Vawda

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ISLAMABAD: Minister for Water Resources Muhammad Faisal Vawda on Tuesday said that PPPP and PML-N governments delayed several water related projects during the last ten years which caused loss of billions of rupees.

Speaking here in National Assembly, the minister said that 18 projects were launched during the last tenure of PPPP with an estimated cost of Rs 640 billion but none of those was completed. These projects were abandoned at the initial stages and Rs 1,100 billion was required at this stage to complete the projects.

He said that 34 projects were launched during the last PML-N tenure with an estimated cost of Rs 970 billion. Few of the projects were completed while others  abandoned and their total completion cost was Rs 1680 billion at this stage, he maintained.

The minister said that those who plundered national kitty would have to face the music. No political revenge would be made but those involved in corruption would have to face action as per law, he added.

Vawda highlighted the achievements during ongoing tenure of PTI and said that Mohmand Dam had been inaugurated which was pending for the last 54 years. He said that PML-N made loss of Rs 360 million in three and half years on daily basis by not acquiring land for Dasu project but this matter would be resolved within coming two weeks.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif submitted fake affidavit for candidature in his constituency (NA-249) to contest election against him and he would be ready for recounting if he admits his wrong doing.

Taking part in the budget debate, another PTI MNA Muhammad Aslam Khan said this budget is pro-poor despite the fact that PTI was inherited poor economy.

PPPP MNA Mahar Irshad Ahmad Khan highlighted the issues of his constituency (NA-182, Muzzfargarh) and demanded the government to improve the education and road infrastructure there.

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