Property must be reclaimed grom land grabbers

KABUL (TOLOnews): Mawlawi Hamdullah Nomani, the acting Minister of Urban Development and Land, said in a gathering that 80% of public lands have been seized by unlawful owners.
According to Nomani, these lands have been taken all over the country and efforts are ongoing to get them back.
In a gathering organized by the commission to prevent land grabbing, Nomani said that land grabbing is a challenge for the Islamic Emirate and that new procedures were distributed to the commission’s provincial members.
“80% of government lands are being used by people who took it by mistake and did not mean to commit this offense,” Nomani said.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate has prioritized the issue of regaining the land, according to members of the committee to prevent land grabbing.
The country’s acting minister of justice, Abdul Hakim Sharaee, said that hundreds of thousands of acres of land have been illegally taken.
“In some areas, for instance, people have obtained the authorization to take 30 acres of land, but it has expanded to 60 acres. As a result, hundreds of thousands of acres of land have been taken over in these areas,” Sharaee said.
At the gathering, officials of the Administrative Office of the Islamic Emirate pledged that they will not allow anyone to take the land.
“Compared to other nations, there are many cases of land grabbing in the country. There are countless issues in every province and district,” said Noorulhaq Anwar, head of the office.
“There are certain biased groups to push this problem to the side of politics, but you should know that technical teams should pay attention to this before others find out,” said Shamsuddin Shariati, attorney general.
It is expected that the government lands will be retaken from land grabbers in accordance with the new process of the commission to prevent land grabbing, whose charter contains four chapters and twenty-one articles.