Prospects of second Scotland referendum

The Scotland Nationalist Party (SNP) wants a second referendum to get independence from the United Kingdom. The party lost the first one by a margin of 6 percent. This time the head of devolved government of Scotland and leader of SNP Nichlos Surgeon told supporters at virtual conference on Saturday that prospects of winning independence vote are brighter.

Independence was an election slogan of SNP in 2019 polls for the British Parliament. Elections to Edinburgh parliament are due in May, 2021. Opinion polls in recent months have shown greater supports for independence.

On the contrary, British Prime Minister Boris Jhonson has repeatedly rebuffed calls for another referendum, saying that 2014 vote has settled the question for second generation. The Scottish Intendance Referendum Act 2013 set out the arrangements for referendum and was passed by the Scottish Parliament in November 2013, following an agreement between the devolved government of Scotland and the government of United Kingdom. The independence proposal required a simple majority. All EU and Common Wealth citizens residing in Scotland at the age of 16 could vote, with some exception, which produced an electorate of 43,000,000. Referendum was held on September 18, 2014 on the Scotland Independence from UK. An impressive turnout of 84.6 percent was recorded. The no vote was 55.3 percent and yes vote was 44.7 percent. It merits mention that Scotts have opposed exit from the European Union. British Prime Minister is opposing a second referendum for this reason.

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