Protest against TikTok and PUBG held in Peshawar

Written by The Frontier Post

PESHAWAR (APP): A number of citizens held a protest demonstration against two highly popular mobile apps –TikTok and Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) – in Peshawar on Sunday.

The protestors were carrying banners with slogans inscribed on them against both apps and demanded that government should impose a permanent ban on their use in the country.

One of the protesters told media that youth were wasting their precious time on TikTok and called on the government to immediately take notice of it and block access to the mobile app in the country to save the younger generation from these time-wasting activities.

On July 1, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had temporarily banned PUBG in the country.

A PTA spokesman had said that a decision to permanently ban the PUBG would be made after consultations.

“We have received many complaints regarding the game,” he said adding that complainants termed the game as a timewaster besides causing a negative impact on the children.

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