Protest demonstration against alleged embezzlement’ in PB-18 constituency

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: Pashtoon Action Committee held a protest demonstration in front of Press Club against the alleged ’embezzlement’ that caused a huge financial loss to the national exchequer in the constituency of the provincial assembly PB-18 Sherani-cum-Zhob.

Addressing on the occasion president PAC Abdul Rehman Sherani, Ajmal Awan, Razzaq Sherani, Afzal Shah Mandokhail, Noor-ul-Haq Safi and Jabbar Kakar expressed grave concern over the alleged ‘corruption’ in different areas of the constituency. “The people are kept backward and neglected deliberately. They are deprived of basic rights including health, education, communication, drinking water and electricity.” The protesters lamented.

They said a complaint has already been lodged in National Accountability Berea (NAB) Balochistan against the ‘corrupt’ departments and demanded that the concerned authorities should immediately arrest those involved on the charges of ’embezzling’ millions of rupees funds.

“In PB-18 and PB-19 the Water Management Authority and Local Government departments have committed grave financial ‘irregularities and embezzlements’ in the public funds.” They alleged.

A protest movement would soon be launched against the ’embezzlements’ in the constituencies. The protesters vowed. They appreciated the overall accountability process in the county and said that the government is determined to root-out the menace of corruption.

The committee demanded of NAB and other anti-corruption institutions to conduct an impartial inquiry in the alleged ’embezzlement’ of development funds and urged the institutions to obtain all documents to thoroughly probe that where the funds are being utilized.