Protesters announce

Protesters announce marching toward Parliament on Monday

Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: The lady health workers (LHW) who are staging Dharna near to D-Chowk on Saturday evening that their second round of talk with the government failed and now they will march toward Parliament house on Monday.

It should be noted here that Dharna of the lady health workers entered into 4th day who gathered in Islamabad from across the country demanding formation of the service structure, pension, increase in their salaries and protections of their jobs.

A delegation headed by the union head Rukhsana Anwar talk with the government official in the ministry of health but later Rukhsana announced that no fruitful outcome of talks and the government isn’t ready for a writing agreement and insisting for verbal promises but we refused and told them that we will continue our Dharna till a written agreement from the government in front of the media.

Rukhsana announced that the government is threatening us of using force but we will present our chest for bullets in case of violence but we will march toward parliament even if they shoot us with bullets.

She told the charged audience that this government have no value for respect and dignity for women and they are not aware that daughters, sisters and mothers are protesting for their genuine demands but the Prime Minister has no courage to face us or solve our issues.

On the other side district administration deployed a huge number of police including ladies police on different sides of the D-chowk to get rid of any uncertain condition.

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