Rally denounces civilian deaths in US air strikes

Protestors condemns civilian killing in US air strikes

F.P. Report

JALALABAD: Dozens of People protested against US airstrike in Haska Mena of district Nangarhar province in which 16 civilians were killed including women and children.

The protestors gathered in front of the Governor’s House in Jalalabad and demanded from the government to ensure the security of the civilian and unarmed people during operations and airstrike.

In the last week US airstrike in Haska district of Jalalabad province, the protestors claim that more than 16 civilians including women and children were died and they have nothing to do with the insurgency.

The local people and officials confirmed that the deceased were innocent civilian while the foreign forces claiming that the killed persons were Daesh insurgents.

They warned the government to stop such incidents in future otherwise they will be compelled to block the Torkham-Jalalabad highway in protest.


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