Protestors rule out calling off sit-in till fulfill of demands

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Farid Shinwari

PESHAWAR: Expressing grave concern over negligence and incompetency of authorities concerned, the much-affected tribesmen of Kurram Agency Fata urged federal government, governor house and Fata Secretariat to release compensation package for reconstructing their damaged houses.

The talks between protestors and government officials including political agent, assistant political agent and secretary governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa failed and did not reach to develop a consensus. Protestors vowed to continue their sit-in till acceptance of their legal demands including non-payment of compensation package, damaged infrastructure and others.

The protesting sit-in consisting of elders, students, civil society representatives and people from all walks of life entered into third consecutive day and camped in front of Peshawar press club to develop pressure on relevant authorities to accept their fair and genuine demands. Most of tribesmen hail from Central Kurram of Kurram Agency.

They were of the view that hundreds of thousands of homes had been extensively or partially damaged in uncertainty and military operations but unluckily the affected tribespeople were not compensated and facilitated. Government schools, health centers and other infrastructure were greatly suffered and after their repatriation, these damaged buildings are yet to be made functional, they regretted.

Earlier the 40-vehicle convoy containing of tribesmen was led by Abdul Khaliq a tribal elder had arrived Peshawar on Sunday and spent the night outside Peshawar Press Club under an open sky.

Abdul Khaliq who led the protestors shared his grievances saying that hundreds of thousands of tribesmen are deprived of compensation package for reconstruction of fully and damaged houses as few among them have received the amount. Most of returnees have been residing under an open sky and unable to reconstruct their homes, he added.

He clearly said their houses were razed in military actions against anti-state militants back in 2011 and unfortunately survey of these damaged houses was not carried out so far by relevant authorities. After their return to hometowns, few among them had temporarily rebuilt rooms in their homes but the officials concerned did not incorporate these homes in survey, he explained.

Referring the statistics issued by Fata Disaster Management Authority (FDMA), he stated that 22,000 affected people have not yet received cash grant of Rs 25,000 which should instantly be issued to them on priority basis.

Noor Rehman, another tribal elder who is part of protesting sit-in said that when they did not receive any compensation package after return to hometowns, they started reconstructing their homes in available resources. The authorities concerned are now not ready to list these temporarily rebuilt homes in survey which is an attempt to multiply their miseries, he added.

The protest sit-in was peacefully called off in light of talks with officials concerned.


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