PTI blamed for creating economic mess in country

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PESHAWAR: Vice Chairperson, Qaumi Watan Party (QWP), Dr Faiza Rasheed alleged that budget deficit has highly been escalated in economic history of the country owing to incompetence of former PTI led government that had never seen since inception of the country.
In a statement issued here on Monday, the QWP leader said that the ousted PTI government has left the budget deficit for the new regime that touched more than Rs 5000 Billion, besides, a trade deficit, hovering nearly 50 billion dollar which has created economic and political instability in the country.
She said the uncertain situation has prevailed in the country owing to wrong economic policies of the previous PTI led government.
But, she added, it is highly unfortunate that the claimants of change, despite knowing about the prevailing unstable situation, are making demands of appointment of Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Pakistan as per their wishes.
Otherwise, she said, if the desires were unfulfilled promptly then they are warning the government to hold a long march to Islamabad and gather crowds of more than 2million people in the capital city, which is highly condemnable and unacceptable under the prevailing circumstances.
Dr Faiza criticized that the former PTI led government had brought the country’s economy on brink of a complete collapse, while it had also elevated miseries of approximately 220million people of the country by remaining in power more than 3 and half years.
Aftermath of the mess that was created by the Imran Khan led previous regime, she expressed optimism that people will not come into false claims and fake promises of these fraudulent.
Giving reference to a report that was published by the World Bank, the QWP leader said the present spiraling inflation in Pakistan is the result of only wrong policies and decisions of the previous PTI led regime.

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