PTI chief Imran says Jinnah House attack brought disgrace to country

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that he denounces attack on the Jinnah House which has brought a disgrace to the country, adding that it should not have happened.

Speaking to media on the occasion of his appearance in the Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore on Friday, Imran Khan said that he condemns the Jinnah House attack. “I have condemned the attack before and every Pakistani is condemning it. What happened, it should not have happened,” he maintained.

The former prime minister said that he opened his house to the media. There is no truth in the talk of terrorists staying there. The PDM’s actions and human rights violations only brought disrespect to the country. The country cannot run in an atmosphere of fear. By arresting 7,000 people, the PDM government has trapped itself. On this basis, I had said that things would be fixed in a week, he uttered.

Khan further said: “The party which has the vote bank, cannot be defeated. For a party having such a big vote bank, doesn’t bother who comes or goes. One-sided negotiations cannot happen. We have been talking about negotiations for the past 11 months.”

Lamenting over the current events, Khan said that this did not even happen during the Musharraf era. “I don’t know about Zia’s era, but such a big crackdown had never happened before. Fundamental rights have been abolished. Now it is the judiciary which is protecting the fundamental rights. I am a captain who will fight till the last ball, I will fight till the last ball.”

He said that they want to crush Tehreek-e-Insaaf completely. Those who demand a level playing field, it means that when the PTI is completely crushed, he who is calling himself Imam Khomeini will come to Pakistan and contest the elections.

Answering a journalist’s question regarding announcement of public rallies, Khan said that this is an election year. “In which country does it happen that there is an election year and they cannot hold rallies?”

The journalist then asked that regardless of all the issues, do you condemn the Jinnah House attack?

To which Khan said “I have condemned it before, every Pakistani condemns it. This incident has brought disrepute to Pakistan. It shouldn’t have happened.”

The PTI chairman also condemned the attack on the Jinnah House and other army installations during a press conference on Thursday. He demanded a probe into it.