PTI on the move

Our voters have shown much better awareness in the general elections as compared to past elections.

This awareness adversely affected the ruling party’s mandate.

Actually, the voters have condemned “Corruption” at top level. In my view, public money must only be used in national interest & not in personal interest under any condition. The wrong could never become right by any fascinating statement. Now, the voters choice must be respected by all democratic forces as the care takers & other concerned authorities have sincerely held transparent elections on the overall basis.

I hope, the new government of PTI will be up to public expectations if accountability is taken as a prime task & justice is seen within limited time period.

The other lead issues for the government will be speedy recovery of looted money & restoration of economy besides meaningful improvement in critical law & order situation due to alarming crime rates in city & rural areas. The protest from some political parties against the credibility of elections or rigging charges could be taken as fear from upcoming accountability. The closing line is that “Khan” is very much expected to go against so many things, which were prevailed in last government.

Khalid Mustafa



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