PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan, Senator Ejaz Chaudhry arrested under Section 3 MPO

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Ali Muhammad Khan and Senator Ejaz Chaudhry have been arrested from Islamabad on Thursday.

According to reports, former federal minister Ali Muhammad Khan was arrested by the SHO of the Secretariat Police Station from Serena Gate.

As per the report, Senator Ejaz Chaudhry has also been arrested by the Islamabad police from the capital.

The channel report said that both the PTI leaders have been arrested under the Section 3 MPO (Maintenance of Public Order) from Islamabad.

It is worth mentioning here that the Section 3 MPO mentioned that the government, if satisfied that with a view to preventing any person from acting in any manner prejudicial to public safety or the maintenance of public order, it is necessary to do, may, by an order in writing, direct the arrest and detention in such custody Power to arrest and detain suspected persons.