PTI’s Narrative of Paying back Country’s loan is Totally False- Muftah Ismail

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAB: PTI’s narrative of Paying back Country’s loan is totally false and untrue, in fact PTI government has taken record loans from the IMF and World bank during the tenure of two and half year.

It was said by the former Federal Minster for Finance Muftah Ismail during a news conference in Islamabad today. According to him, the loans taken by the previous government during the history of the country is equal to 40 per cent of the loan taken by the incumbent government of Imran Khan.

He added that PTI government had increased the budget deficit up to 63 %, which is real reason of increase in foreign loan. He noted that PTI government has halted all development projects and also remained failed in collection of revenue through FBR, which result in huge pressure on economy of the Country.

While responding to a query, he said that India has not much capacity to push Pakistan into FATF’s grey list. It was United States along with France, Germany and UK who moved the resolution for enlisting Pakistan in FATF grey list.

According to him, PPP government taken the country loan from 6 thousand billion to 14 thousand billion during its tenure from 2008 – 2013, while PML-N raised it up to 25 thousand billion rupees during 2013 -2018. He said that PTI government taken the loan from 25 thousand billion rupees to 37 thousand billion rupees just in two and half year of its governance. He vowed to publish white paper on PTI government’s corruption in coming days.

He said that PTI government never payback the loan rather rerolled the loan. According to him, PTI government did not pay 1-billion-dollar loan to Saudi Arabia from country’s revenue rather it took loan from China to payback Saudi Arabia.

He accused the government for not listening their advice and plunging the country in billion rupees loss by inappropriate bidding for LNG purchase during Dec 2020 to February 2021. He said the current agreement of government with Qatar is also in loss as it can be made at 4 dollars instead of 6.

He claimed that PTI government finally sorted to the strategy of PML-N’s long term purchase agreement in the case of LNG procurement.