PTI’s Qureshi says unnatural PDM alliance is splitting

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Co-Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the PDM alliance has disintegrated, only a formal announcement is needed.

Talking to media here at the F-8 courts on Monday, he said disintegration of the alliance started yesterday [when PPP chief Bilawal complained of low allocation for Sindh in budget]. Practically, the alliance has dismembered, he added.

“I had said that the PDM alliance is an unnatural alliance. It is beginning of the end, the alliance is crumbling,” Qureshi continued.

He said Bilawal expressed his concern [on budget allocations for Sindh] in a rally in Swat yesterday. “Bilawal is right. Why was there no mention of the allocation of Sindh in the budget?”

The PTI leader said he was aware of the devastation caused by last year’s floods in Sindh. Rehabilitation of the displaced people was not possible without huge allocation in the budget. And the PML-N government had not allocated funds for the purpose, he maintained.

Regarding rift between the PPP and the PML-N, Qureshi said the ministers were objecting to the by-election of Azad Kashmir. They accused the PPP of “massive rigging” in the by-election.

Despite alleging rigging in the Azad Kashmir by-polls, 14 PML-N members voted Murtaza Wahab in the mayoral election, Qureshi observed.

These are the indications of an imminent split in the alliance, he remarked.

He said it was difficult to deceive the educated youth by rhetoric. “The things are different now.”

About the upcoming general elections, he announced to name candidates [of the PTI] in every constituency. Everyone has the right to find their candidates, he added.

Qureshi bemoaned government’s handling of the boat tragedy in Greece where more than 300 Pakistanis drowned. The prime minister belatedly announced a day of national mourning and formed an inquiry commission.

“Look at the families of 300 victims. They have no news of their loved ones despite passing of three days,” the PTI leader added.

He said the “foreign office is silent. The families of the victims are not being informed of the situation. The foreign office should inform the public about the matter,” he stated.

He sympathized with the bereaved families.