Public feebleness and judicial system

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A three-member Supreme Court bench is hearing a case relating to Ms. Nayab Umrani resident of District Jacobabad, Sindh. According to details, Ms. Umrani filed a petition in July 2018, stating that her entire family was murdered in a series of attacks in 2015, while she was left alone in this world. Ms. Umrani told the court that she could not go to Jacobabad to pursue her brothers’ murder case due to fear of death. During a recent hearing, the apex court ordered the Deputy Commissioner District Jaffarabad to take immediate steps for the transfer of family property to Nayab Umrani and also instructed the Registrar of Sindh High Court to arrange a video link facility to record her statement and cross-examination in Islamabad.
A young woman Nayab Sikandar Umrani, the sole member of a well-off family from Jacobabad, is struggling hard to get justice for her assassinated siblings over the last six years. The family became prey to the greed of her stepbrothers who killed the whole family in a bid to grab the huge property left by her parents after their death. Ironically, her sister, a lawyer by profession was killed by the Assassins under Police protection, while the young lady fled away to Islamabad to save her life. According to details, the government machinery including the Deputy Commissioner is supporting the narrative of absconders, while young Nayab is steadfastly facing the situation. The apex court reprimanded the DC Jaffarabad and ordered him to take measures for retransferment of land to Ms. Nayab.
In fact, the Police and Justice systems of the country became so ridiculous, inefficient, and politicized that the government executives have adopted the way of obliging the influential to keep themselves in their good books as well as to gain illegal financial benefits from them. Although Police are not fully equipped with modern-day resources and technical gears, even corrupt investigators are habitual of manipulating the crime scene and testimonies in favor of those who served them with hefty bribes. Similarly, the medicolegal reports are being manufactured by the non-specialist doctors on the demands of the accused/ victims to handle the case according to their designs. Besides flaws in the investigation process, the lawyers and judicial staff are competent enough to exploit the loopholes of the legal system during the trial. Our judicial system failed to provide timely justice to countless Pakistani men and women like Nayab despite the passage of several years.
Today, inaccurate medico legal examinations, weak investigations, hired witnesses, and untrustworthy prosecution had damaged the justice system of the country. The reforms in judicial and Police systems are long awaiting and the public is looking toward its representatives for bringing change in the system.

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