Public interest and legislature’s misplay

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KP Public Account Committee (PAC) is working on audit paras for the year 2017-18 regarding some financial misappropriations and irregularities in various provincial departments. During its meeting on Wednesday PAC sought details of all 356 mini and micro dams constructed in the province and revenue generated from these dams. The committee also demanded details of the government vehicles allotted to the government officers and recovery of the vehicles from retired officers of the administrative department highlighted by the Auditor General Staff in its report for the year 2017-18.

Provincial Public Accounts Committee is an important parliamentary oversight body which monitors the financial issues relating to provincial entities and suitability rectifies the problems through implementation of law and established procedures. Presently, this important public office is actually digging 5-6 years old cases which had lost their importance or had been partially settled down in the past. The lawmakers should emphasize on current issues or cases of the previous year so their work would have a real impact on the lives of the people. During November 2021, the committee was pursuing a corruption case relating to the KP Police Department during 2013. In fact, KP is a vast province comprising of 35 Districts stretch over from D. I Khan to Chitral and there is no scarcity of embezzlement cases and public problems ranging from departmental corruption, embezzlement in development projects, misappropriations in departmental administration and misuse of public property and offices which needs attention of Provincial lawmakers. But the pro-government provincial Public Account Committee (PAC) is only dragging the cases of the past instead of looking into current financial issues and mismanagement of the government. The provincial lawmakers in the PAC must abandon their pro-government approach and work for the betterment of the system as well as the public who elected them for this role.

The people of the province hope that their representatives will not be prey to bureaucratic formalities and party politics while demonstrating a genuine will for public service by striking down present day mega corruption and misappropriation cases instead of playing in trivial segments of the past.

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