Punjab govt bans use of mobile phones, social media in schools

F.P. Report

LAHORE: The Punjab government on Friday placed a ban on the use of mobile phones and social media by students in educational institutions.

According to an official notification today, Director Public Instruction Punjab Zulfikar Ali Bhatti mentioned that to safeguard young generation from the ‘menace of drugs’ it is mandatory to ban the use of mobiles and social media in schools.

The notification stated: “The Competent Authority has desired that under the prevailing dangers of Menace of Drugs in the Educational Institutions (Public 86 Private Sector) and to safe guard the Young Generation from this curse, it is mandatory to impose complete ban on the use of Mobile and other sources to use Social Media in the premises of Educational Institutions across the Punjab (Public & Private Sectors) and also for the children under 16-years.”

The notification gave directions to the concerned District Education Authorities and mentioned the age of children as under 16 years.

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