Punjab govt should focus on law, order: Tarar

Muhammad Asad
ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Attaullah Tarar has said that the Punjab government should focus on governance and law and order situation in the province instead of filling fake FIRs against political leaders from opposition parties.
While addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Monday, Attaullah Tarar said that the law and order situation had deteriorated sharply, robberies, theft, and crimes against women and children are common in the province while the ruling government is busy in political victimization of its opponents.
While commenting on the case of PTI leader Dr. Shehbaz Gill, Tarar said that the PTI government has put his opponents from PML-N and the PPP in Jails on fabricated cases, while NAB courts awarded them months-long physical remands but they endured them with patience and dignity, however only one PTI leader served two days physical remand and the entire PTI leadership is making hoe and cry across the country.
Tarar said that no one incited Shehbaz Gill on mutiny and sedition, he himself did treason and the entire nation has witnessed his crime, now PTI should observe patience and let the law takes its own path. Tarar was of the view that how it could be possible that IK’s Chief of Staff gave a statement on his behalf and he has no knowledge of that, if so then he must sack his aide on this grave offense.
Tarar asked PTI Chief that if he was not part of this conspiracy then how did he know that that statement was not to be aired on the TV Channel? PML-N leader accused the PTI Chairman of fulfilling the foreign agenda by spreading chaos, and hatred, invitation of mutiny to the public, and then demanding exemption and requested a stay from the court after the commencement of the offense.
He vowed that PTI leadership was not untouchable and above the law. they have to face the law and justice will prevail at all costs. He expressed dismay over the bail of Dr. Shehbaz Gill in the mutiny case if it happens any time in the future before the completion of the inquiry and collection of necessary evidence by the Police. While responding to a media query regarding the suspension of Pun jab Police Officers on charges of misuse of authority against the PTI workers during the Azadi March on May 25, he said that it was the duty of the state and the LEAs to take action against those who burnt metro bus station, put the trees on fire at the green belt in Blue area, damaged public property, and endangered people lives in the name of political activity.
While commenting on PTI public meeting in Lahore on August 13, he accused the PTI of damaging government property and using government resources for its politics. To another question, Tarar said that there can not be two laws in the country because one person had been declared disqualified for a lifetime on the charges of not taking a salary from his son while the other is not being asked about the collection of millions of dollars prohibited foreign funding from abroad.
According to him, dual law and double standards are not possible and the law will take its path in due course of time. While answering a question regarding recently filed cases against him by the Punjab government, Tarar said that he has a clear track record, without any pending inquary or lawsuits and he will defend all charges through a team of legal experts.