Punjab Minister’s son allegedly involved in kidnapping of Lahore policemen

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Two policemen were kidnapped by unidentified individuals on Wednesday after the duty cops stopped a vehicle in Lahore.

According to Media reports citing police, the officers had stopped a car on Wednesday with a boy, said to be intoxicated accompanied by a girl in Lahore’s Ghalib Market area.

It was reported further through a first information report (FIR) that after the vehicle was pulled up, the girl had called her abettors who arrived at the site in two vehicles and abducted two policemen.

The two suspects had later escaped the scene in their vehicle which, the police revealed belonged to Punjab Minister for Housing Mehmoodur Rasheed.

Five people, including the girl were booked by the police in reference to the incident.

On the other hand, the allegations against Rasheed’s son were refuted by him who termed them “fabricated.”

“The allegations leveled against my son are fabricated. I have asked him to immediately reach Gulberg police station and become part of the investigation,” he stated.

Moreover, he declared to full collaboration for the probe launched against the incident adding that if anyone, including his son has committed an offence, then lawful measures should be taken.

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