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Putin: Afghanistan situation requires additional security measures on borders

Written by The Frontier Post

MOSCOW (TASS): The state of affairs in Afghanistan dictates the need for additional measures to ensure Russia’s security on the southern borders. This was announced on Thursday by Russian President Vladimir Putin at an enlarged meeting of the collegium of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
“There are serious tasks in the Afghan sector. Especially after the Americans left this country,” he said. Putin stressed that, while continuing contacts with the Taliban (the Taliban movement is prohibited in Russia), the formats of Moscow consultations and consultations of the enlarged troika with the participation of key external players and Afghanistan’s neighbors should be more actively used in order to promote the establishment of civil peace and public order in the country. , neutralization of terrorist structures and drug-related crime.
“What is happening in Afghanistan dictates the need for additional measu-res to ensure Russia’s security on the southern borde-rs, to assist our allies – the Central Asian states, who see Russia as a guarantor of stability in the region. flo-ws of refugees, to prevent terrorists and other criminal elements from entering our border, “Putin added.
According to him, Russia will continue to act as an impartial mediator in the settlement of conflicts in the Middle East.
“Russia has always acted and will continue to act as an impartial mediator in the settlement of conflicts and crises in the Middle East, in every possible way to help stabilize the situation in this region,” he said.
Putin pointed out that with the direct participation of Russia, it was possible to overcome international terrorism in Syria, preventing the collapse of this state. “Then, within the framework of the Astana format, together with Turkey and Iran, launch the process of an inter-Syrian settlement under the auspices of the UN,” Putin stressed.
The President noted that Russian diplomacy should continue to contribute to the normalization of relations between Syria and the Arab countries, its early return to the League of Arab States, as well as to attract international assistance to improve the humanitarian situation in this country. In addition, Putin drew attention to the fact that assistance in promoting a Palestinian-Israeli settlement is “of fundamental importance for improving the situation in the Middle East.”
Certain Western countries are trying to drive a wedge between Russia and China, Moscow and Bei-jing, in response to this, w-ill continue to expand cooperation and coordinate steps in the international arena, President Putin added.
According to him, Russian-Chinese relations “are a model of effective interstate interaction in the 21st century.” “Of course, not everyone likes it. Some Western partners are openly trying to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing, we see this perfectly well and together with our Chinese friends we will continue to respond to them by expanding interaction in politics, economy, in other areas, to coordinate steps in the international arena, “the president pointed out.
He stressed that bilateral relations have reached the highest level in history and are in the nature of a comprehensive strategic partnership. “We will continue to strengthen ties with our good neighbors and friends in the People’s Republic of China,” Putin said.
“Russia intends to continue to pay great attention to cooperation with African states, giving it a comprehensive character,” he said. “In 2019, the Russia-Africa summit was successfully held in Sochi, as you know. year”.The role of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in the world should be more significant, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“The role of the BRICS in international affairs should be more significant and meet the growing potential of the participating countries,” the head of state said. Putin drew attention to the fact that the BRICS association “covers over 40% of the world’s population and more than a quarter of the land area of the planet.” He assured that the Russian Federation will continue to actively participate in the development of both the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). “It would be necessary to de-epen partnership within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with concrete deeds. The SCO is one of the most influential centers of a multipolar world, a multipolar international architecture, which significantly contributes to ensuring stability and sustainable socio-economic growth in the Euras-ian region,” the President of the Russian Federation stressed. “It is in our interests to ensure that the SCO member states coordinate their foreign policy activities, primarily in the UN, as well as on other international platforms,” the head of state said.
The actions of Western countries in the Black Sea go beyond, said Putin.
“As for the Black Sea, the latter goes beyond certain limits: strategic bom-bers fly at a distance of 20 km from our state border, they, as you know, carry very serious weapons,” the head of state said.
The President stressed that Russia does not need conflicts on its western borders. Western partners are very superficial about Russian warnings and words about red lines. Russia must seek serious guarantees of its security from the West.
Putin is worried about the growing number of conflicts in the world. “Unfortunately, the number of [regional] conflicts and crisis situations in the world is multiplying, and it requires more attention and prompt response,” the President said.

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