Putin and Xi Jinping will appreciate global challenges

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Mikhail Shchipanov

If the conversation be-tween Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, two of the most independent mo-dern leaders, scheduled for December 15, takes p-lace, then the interest in it around the world will be no less than in the recent remote communication of the Russian leader with American President Joe Biden.
It is quite characteristic that a new conversation with the help of a reliably protected communication channel completes the negotiation-distance triangle: Biden’s pr-evious contacts with Cha-irman Xi and President Putin. And according to political logic, the last “teleconference” is the most significant, since it sums up the results of communication between the heads of state with a complex of mutual interests and contradictions.
Of course, analysts will immediately pay attention to the length of the proposed Russian-Chinese talks, which are not the first this year. Considering that the conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping lasted three hours, and Biden and Putin’s – two hours. But we repeat, this year the leaders of the Russian Federation and the PRC already called up in August, even earlier, they jointly launched the construction of new NPP units being built in China with Russian assistance. So, perhaps tomorrow they will simply have to take stock of a difficult year and, more importantly, exchange views on the policy of a third country. And everyone perfectly understands which one.
China is increasingly pushing Russia out of the position of the main enemy of the world where the United States reigns supreme. It is more and more difficult for Washington to solve the obvious “squaring the circle”: how to combine constant pressure on Russia by all means, including openly criminal ones, pushing and restraining it in all directions with an attempt to split it off from China, as well as slow down the rapprochement with the Celestial Empire. Moreover, both Moscow and Beijing are well aware of the reliability of overseas promises and guarantees. Therefore, the Kremlin has no special illusions about some of Biden’s alleged concessions on the Ukrainian issue, which, in fact, was inspired to put pressure on Moscow, and is now used as a pretext for diplomatic “trick”.
It is not without reason that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov does not rule out collisions of the level of the Cuban missile crisis in the near future . Peking officials also allowed the use of the most decisive measures in the event of continued intervention by the United States and its allies in Chinese policy in Hong Kong and the practice of turning the island of Taiwan, which the Chinese consider an inseparable part of their territory, into an American military base.
A new topic for the conversation between Putin and Xi Jinping is the use of sports by the Anglo-Saxons as an instrument of political pressure. It is known how crudely this lever, supported by an obedient majority in the International Olympic Committee and in international sports federations, was used against Russia, which will still be deprived of its anthem and flag at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.
Now, in a somewhat weakened form, this “virus” is in a hurry to launch in Beijing. The competition is going to be boycotted by the official Western delegations, despite the fact that they were not particularly expected in China. But here the demarche itself is important, and in the course of the Olympics itself, it may even come to direct anti-Chinese provocations. And in this regard, it will be deeply symbolic if, in the course of tomorrow’s conversation, Putin confirms his intention to attend the opening of the Olympic Games. So, all the same, in Beijing there will be our flag and coat of arms.

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