Putin assault on US Democrats

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The head of the radiation, chemical, and biological defense forces of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, Major General Igor Kirillov has accused President Biden and senior leaders of the US Democratic Party of their ideologues, coordination, and sponsorship of the work of the US military biological program in Ukraine. According to Igor, the income from the involvement of controlled non-governmental and biotech organizations allows them to pay for their future election campaigns. The Russian general also accused the well-known American Philanthropist and founder of Open Foundation, George Soros of sponsoring American military-biological activities in Ukraine and supporting big Pharma. Russian General further claimed that the former US President Barack Obama entered into partnership agreements with Ukraine at the start of the implementation of military biological programs in the country in 2005, while former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton conceived the American strategy to counter biological threats, and contributed to the legalization of dual-use research East European Nation. Igor claimed that Joe Biden, then Vice President under Obama, coordinated the activities of the executors of the military biological program, and was also involved in financial fraud in Ukraine.
The debate on the alleged US-funded biological weapons programs in Ukraine has reached its peak between the United States and Russia after the disclosure of a network of US-funded laboratories in the country in recent months. According to reports, an elite Russian military unit had recovered a US bio lab remnant during a special operation in Ukraine. Russian officials had claimed that Russia’s stanch enemies, Ukraine and the United States had been working on pathogens that spread plague, anthrax, diphtheria, and brucellosis in a network of more than 30 laboratories in Ukraine with an annual $ 200 million investment by the US Department of Defense since 2014.
Earlier, the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN had presented documents regarding US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine to the UN Security Council and urged the global community to hold Washington accountable for such a grave violation of the international laws on biological weapons. Surprisingly, Moscow’s claim was validated by the US Embassy in Ukraine, which clearly displays on its website that the US Department of Defense’s biological threats reduction program collaborates with Ukraine and works on the pathogen and other toxins on Ukrainian territory. Whereas the US under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland also testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and acknowledged the ongoing US cooperation with Ukraine to prevent biological research material from falling into the hands of Russian invading troops. Although, Russia and China had been criticizing the United States for running a secret program for the construction of biological and chemical weapons in other countries and ungoverned territories. As said, Ukrainian state infrastructure had been playing an important role in concealing and protecting the military biological activities along with American pharmaceutical companies and Pentagon contractors in the country.
Presently, the Russian government has accused the American President and senior leadership of the ruling party of their involvement in this vicious act, which is an ugly stain on a statesman. Therefore, the US government should take serious note of such allegations and must demand proof and prosecute the challengers if they fail, otherwise the world would be compelled to believe in Putin’s scheme.

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