Putin invites foreign partners to implement projects along Northern Sea Route

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MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): Russian President Vladimir Putin invited foreign partners to actively use the opportunities of the Northern Sea Route in order to increase trade operations with Europe .
“We invite all interested partners, including our Chinese friends, to actively use the opportunities of the Northern Sea Route to increase trade operations with Europe,” Putin said at the second UN global conference on sustainable transport.
The President of the Ru-ssian Federation noted that Russia is doing a lot to dev-elop the route, for example, it builds infrastructure facilities, improves the port facilities.
“And it is constantly growing against the backdrop of ongoing climate change, rapid industrial growth in the Asia-Pacific region and the need to provide the shortest and no less cost-effective routes for delivering goods from East to West and in the opposite direction,” Putin said.
Speaking on Thursday at the EAEU summit, Putin said that sanctions against member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are used not only for economic purposes, but also to undermine legitimate governments.
The head of the Russian state noted the growth of trade and economic relations within the association and with other countries.
“Moreover, such indicators were achieved despite the fact that some EAEU member states are subject to illegitimate sanctions fr-om some countries,” Putin said. In his opinion, “it is no secret to anyone that these sanctions are used not only as a tool of unfair competition, but also as a means to undermine legitimate governments by creating social, economic and political problems or aggravating existing problems, which are enough in any country.”
Currently, various restrictions on the part of a number of Western countries and their allies have been introduced against R-ussia and Belarus. The EA-EU countries also include Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
“Such unfavorable external conditions, it seems to us, should further stimulate the strengthening of cooperation within our union,” Putin said. According to him, “the importance of the closest interaction is incre-asing in order to switch to national currencies and reduce the use of the dollar and euro in mutual settlements, organize import substitution, develop advanced high-tech industries, and provide the population with the necessary food.”
He stressed that Russia “has accumulated a great deal of experience in development under conditions of Western restrictions.” “We are ready to share it with our EurAsEC partners,” the president assured. In his opinion,” it is easier and fa-ster to implement large economic projects together”.
The head of the Russian state believes that there is a shortage of such projects, they need to be looked for and implemented, new technologies introduced, to meet the growing demand for quality goods and services from consumers and thereby effectively resist any external pressure.

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