Putin says situation in Afghanistan remains difficult

YEREVAN (RIA Novosti): The CSTO countries should continue to closely coordinate work on all aspects of the Afghan problem in order to timely identify terrorist threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“We consider further close coordination within the CSTO on all key aspects of the Afghan problem highly demanded. We need to continue close work through the competent services in order to timely identify the threats of terrorism, extremism and drug crime. And, of course, neutralize these threats with the help of joint special operations that have proven their effectiveness and operational measures,” Putin said at the CSTO summit in a narrow format.

The situation in Afghanistan remains difficult, the danger of infiltration of militants into the territory of the CSTO countries is still great, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“I share the concerns of colleagues who spoke about the situation in Afghanistan. It remains, of course, difficult. The danger of militants from various international terrorist organizations penetrating the territory of the CSTO states is still great, and the spread of extremist ideology among the population of Central Asian countries increases the risk of activation of the radical underground in the region,” Putin said.

Russia will help stabilize the situation in Afghanistan, the priority task is the formation of an inclusive government in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“We will promote stabilization in Afghanistan within the framework of other multilateral mechanisms,” he said.

Putin said that a meeting of the Moscow format of consultations was held in Moscow last week.

“The priority task at this stage is to ensure the formation of a truly inclusive Afghan government, which will include representatives of all ethnic groups,” the president said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had briefly discussed with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan the issues of resolving the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, this work will be continued during the official meeting.

“We have already briefly exchanged views with the Prime Minister (Pashinyan). During our bilateral meeting today, of course, we will talk in more detail,” Putin said.

 Russia supports the decision of the CSTO to improve communication systems, create radiation and chemical protection systems, and cover railways, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“The decisions that we have to make today, including the improvement of the CSTO communication system, the creation of a joint formation of radiation, chemical, biological protection and medical support, the functioning of a unified system of technical overlapping of railways in the CSTO, Russia, of course, supports,” he said.