Putin under opposition offensive

According to the western media, more than 30 Russian municipal deputies have signed a petition calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s resignation. The public representatives expressed their disbelief in Putin’s leadership and said that the actions of President Vladimir Putin harm the future of Russia and its citizens, therefore Russian strongman must step down in the greater interest of the Russian Federation and its citizens. As said, the petition was initially posted by Xenia Torstrem, a deputy in St. Petersburg’s Semyonovsky District, and further endorsed by 19 other Municipal duties from three major cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kolpino.

The war in Ukraine has put drastic effects on the regional and global economy and political landscape besides human, fiscal, and material losses to both belligerent nations. Russian aggression had united warring political factions in U Ukraine except for already battling Pro-Russian elements in the Danboss region whereas months-long and significant losses in the absence of a decisive success, have prompted Putin’s rivals to use such favorable grounds for future political gains. Thus Russian public representatives have intensified their demand for Putin’s resignation from Kremlin. According to reports, earlier few other Russian politicians accused Putin of sedition and demanded his resignation on different social media platforms but no one dare to launch an official campaign to de-seat Vladimir Putin so far.

Presently, President Putin has struck into an embarrassing situation in his entire military and political career because Russia’s special military operation could not achieve its goal over the past 202 days while rising inflation and sharply declining economy have caused serious challenges for Kremlin. Previously, Putin put his political rivals into prison or pushed them out of the country on charges of treason, and foreign conspiracy. Whereas he passed a new law to punish critics of his failed military campaign in Ukraine. Historically, rulers across the globe had instigated border disputes and provoked war hysteria to consolidate power and divert public attention from domestic issues, whereas Putin’s expedition against Ukraine has exposed his weakness. The Russian President has countless tact to harm his opponents, however, his new dogma will be visible in the coming days.