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Peter Akopov

The winner of the 2024 presidential election will again be Vladimir Putin. No, not in Russia – in the USA. To do this, you don’t even have to change American laws – it will be enough to elect Donald Trump as president.
This is not a joke, but a forecast – something like this will look like intra-American propaganda as the presidential election approaches. But they are still far away?
It depends on how you look – exactly five years ago, Donald Trump was elected president, and now we are already celebrating the anniversary of his defeat from Joe Biden. But if Trump’s loss was prepared by all the years of his presidency (all American media worked against him), then Biden coped with his own rating on his own. His support is now down to 38 percent – just two percent more than Trump had a year after his victory.
But Trump was demonized by the whole world, having glued all possible labels to him – from a misogynist to “Putin’s poodle.” And they try to support Biden with all their might – and nothing happens. The situation is even worse with the ratings of his vice-president Kamala Harris – and it was she who was planned as a candidate from the Democratic Party in the next elections. The defeat of the Democrats in the recent gubernatorial elections in Virginia confirms their worst predictions: in a year they will lose control of Congress, and in 2024 Trump will regain the White House.
What to do? Letting out Putin means returning to a massive campaign against Trump as a Russian agent of influence.
But this is ridiculous – especially as more and more evidence is emerging that Democrats falsified “evidence” of Trump’s ties to Russia. The recent arrest in the United States of Igor Danchenko, one of the co-authors of the “Trump dossier” prepared by British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, is only the first signal of what may be found at the bottom of the “Washington swamp.”
After all, everyone understands: the Clinton headquarters deliberately falsified the anti-Trump “evidence”, and then the secret services were connected to the surveillance of the billionaire and his headquarters. That is, there was a real conspiracy against Trump – and if the investigation of his springs comes to an end, the entire top of the Democratic Party and the Obama-Biden administration will be under attack. And if Trump wins the 2024 election, he will do whatever it takes to prove the conspiracy exists.
So it turns out that the Democrats (or rather, the “deep state”, “Washington swamp”) simply have no way out: they need to prevent Trump’s new term at any cost. And although continuing to insist on his “Russian connections” is not only ridiculous, but also unprofitable – after all, in r-esponse, Trump will rem-ind you that the Democrats themselves invented them and will still be responsible for this – the Democrats si-mply have no other option.
They do not – and will not appear – a strong candidate of their own, a politician capable of stirring up the masses and becoming an anti-Trump. Therefore, the 2024 campaign will have to be modeled on the 2020 model – demonizing Trump, scaring voters with it. And the Russian theme cannot be avoided here – however, this time the Democrats will focus not on Trump’s ties with Russia, but on the fact that he is beneficial to Russia, on the fact that his victory is actually Putin’s victory. Well, on the fact that he is “the same as Putin.”
The contours of this campaign are already beginning to emerge. In recent days, there have been several interviews with former Trump adviser Fiona Hill – she just published the book “You Have Nothing to Do Here.” An Englishwoman by birth who has become one of the leading American experts on Russia, she speaks not only about her work in the White House (from 2017 to 2019 she was the director of Russia and Europe at the National Security Council), but also about the future. According to her, the defeat of the Democrats in Virginia is an alarming sign that the United States is “ready to accept Donald Trump again, which, in turn, could lead to the death of American democracy.”
Death of democracy as a result of Trump’s electoral victory? We already heard this in 2016, and what – again? Yes, and now this forecast will be confirmed by evidence from Trump’s own entourage, because Hill noticed and analyzed everything, saw that Trump is the same as Putin, which means that he is dangerous for democracy:
“He really admired Putin, I saw it with my own eyes. For him, Putin embodied the type of leader he saw himself, and this has nothing to do with his attitude towards Russia. He perceived Putin as very strong and domineering – Trump often used these words in attitude towards Putin. His power is not limited by many checks and balances, Trump saw in him a very rich and very famous man who runs the country like his own business. “
Hill has said something similar before – her observation is also noted by other people from the ex-president’s entourage. Consider, for example, the episode from the last meeting between Trump and Putin in Osaka in the summer of 2019, which was recently told by former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham:
“After the start of the meeting, Trump’s adviser Fiona Hill asked me if I had noticed Putin’s translator. She was an attractive brunette with long hair, a beautiful face and an excellent figure. She said that she suspected that Putin could have deliberately chosen such a woman to distract the president.”…
That is, from the sharp-sighted gaze of the daughter of a miner, a former em-ployee of the National Inte-lligence Council, author of the biography “Mr. Putin: Special Agent in the Kre-mlin”, nothing will escape. After all, how subtly she notices the similarities between the two presidents:
“Putin is a showman, an artist… Trump does the s-ame: he is always on stage, entertaining a crowd of his supporters. He turns politics into a political spectacle… Trump plays on nostalgic sentiments. He promises to return America to gr-eatness; the same is said by Putin. but he’s also annexing territories. Much of what Trump is doing is similar to what Putin is doing. “
Well, yes, well, yes – Putin is a showman, all Americans know this, it’s not for nothing that he constantly travels around Russia with a naked torso… And Trump, imitating him, also wants to return greatness to his country – but what’s wrong with that, an American voter may ask ?
And Hill will explain everything:
“The difference is that Trump is at war with the state, but Putin is not. At the same time, both are building something like a plebiscite democracy… Trump differs from Putin in that he does not want to rule through state mechanisms. He wants to dismantle them.”
Nice: Trump wants to dismantle state mechanisms, is at war with the state. Bad, dangerous person.
But the problem is that many in America are dissatisfied with what Fiona Hill calls the state, and this dissatisfaction has always been and has only intensified in recent years.
A huge part of Americans have always considered the federal authorities, Washington, a parasite, an extra superstructure over the states – but in recent decades, this is not even a question of this. The “Washington swamp,” the “deep state,” even replaced the elected federal government — Congress and the president. An unchosen and accountable caste rules, and the Trump presidency has more than demonstrated its power. All four years, the deep state has successfully blocked the activities of the unwanted president – which is not surprising, given his promises to drain the “Washington swamp.” So Hill is right: Trump wanted to dismantle the parallel state, for which he hates him.
And there really is a similarity with Putin – with what he did in the 2000s, when he came to power in a country ruled by an alliance of oligarchs of “offshore aristocracy”, corrupt officials and a pro-Western “intellectual elite.”
Putin succeeded in overcoming this parasite – also because our “deep state” was still young and unfinished, it had not yet had time to put down deep roots and entwine its tentacles around everything and everyone.
In front of Trump, there was not only an old, but also an all-powerful organism – it is not surprising that the sudden president did not manage to defeat the dragon. But at least he tried and will try again – in 2024.
With Putin as a model? Yes, and by 2024, for most Americans, this may not become a demotivator, but an additional argument in favor of voting for Trump. In the hope of saving the United States from the “deep state” that is destroying them.

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