Putin’s self service

Russian President Vladimir Putin framed a new law on Monday, which had paved the path for him to contest the next term in the office of the president of Russia. According to details, a number of provisions of the law were developed on the basis of amendments to the Constitution in bid to provide a constitutional umbrella to unending wishes of enjoying the ruling power of the Russian state. The law also underlined that any Russian citizen is eligible to run for Presidential office no younger than 35 years age. It also said that the person has been a resident in the country for not less than 25 years and never had the citizenship permanent residence permit of another state in the past. It seems that such clauses had been incorporated to push the many out of the race for the office of the Country’s President.

It should be noted that one of the newly introduced amendments is the restriction on the number of presidential terms for one person and the new law will be applicable on current president despite the preceding presidential terms. They law will allow the Putin to run for the presidency twice more in his lifetime and he can stay in the chair up to 2036. Putin has been in power since he assumed the Presidency first time in 2000, after the resignation of his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin.

Putin has signed a law that will allow him to run for the presidency twice more in his lifetime, potentially keeping him in office until 2036. If so happen, he would remain in power until 2036, his tenure will exceed even that of Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union for 29 years. Interestingly, the new law does not count terms served until it entered into force, it means that Putin’s past four terms (including the current term) would not be counted if he contest Presidency during next elections, therefore, Putin still have two more chances with him. According to Russian, Putin has “zeroed out” his previous terms.

President Vladimir Putin had served in the highchair for more than two decades but his lust for power did not finish. Putin is the most influential person in Russia, therefore, he used his full power and set the legislative course to amend the law particularly to benefit himself. This is the saga in which an individual alone all characters in the story as that of accused, investigator, judge, and Jewry at the same time and finally declared himself as victor. In other word it was a full demonstration of might is right.

The game did not end here, going to the other end, Putin not only get exemption for extra terms in office under the new law and extended the length of the Presidential term up to six years but also awarded himself and former president Dmitry Medvedev lifetime immunity from prosecution.

This is an attempt to secure himself and his buddy from any future legal proceedings on the hands of his adversaries. This is the same song which had been sung by every other authoritarian to save his skin. However, all this preemptive self defenses never worked when ones fate turned blind eye to him. It is advisable to all power grabbers to use their position for the benefit and welfare of the public to win their hearts otherwise high Chairs wouldn’t stay with you for ever.

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