Qaiser’s visit to Kabul

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Lawmakers in Afghanistan’s parliament summoned heads of security agencies to respond to them about the diversion of a PIA flight carrying Pakistan’s speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Asad Qaiser along with his parliamentary delegation who was supposed to land at Hamid Karzai International Airport as part of his planned three-day visit to Kabul on Thursday.

Speaker Asad Qaiser’s three-day visit to Kabul was called off following reports that an unexploded ordinance had been found at the airport. During meeting of Afghan Parliamentarians, the acting Minister for Interior Affairs, Hayatullah Hayat, said the plane was diverted over “security and technical reasons and the airport shut down for two hours due to security reasons. According to reports, after parliamentary session some lawmakers said they were not convinced by the security chiefs’ briefings on the matter. After unsatisfactory explanation by the security agencies, the Afghan parliament constituted a parliamentary task team to probe the matter.

The Pakistan’s parliamentary delegation visit to Kabul was being materialized on the invitation by the Speaker of Afghanistan parliament Mir Rehman Rehmani. As per reports, Pakistan delegation’s airplane had entered inside the Afghan territory and about to land when it was denied permission to land at Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul on security reasons, however, if Afghan authorities desired they could manage the landing at any other near by air port for the time being. However, the intent of Afghan authorities was to display a cold shoulder to Pakistani efforts for Afghan peace process to which most of the factions of Afghan government has been opposing from the day one of it’s beginning. Particularly, Afghan deep state has huge anger for Pakistan for it’s active role in Afghan peace process because most of them perceived Afghan peace as a death for their positions and luxurious lives. Therefore, Afghan deep state is active to sabotage the Afghan peace process. Government of Pakistan is well known to these selfish characters and has warned the international community about spoilers of the Afghan peace. This is the reason that Pakistan government did not commit on this staged episode of security threat at Kabul airport. Because, Pakistan desires a successful accomplishment of Afghan peace process instead of plunging into such minor conspiracies and coward plots.

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