Quranic Garden completed at Jamia Usmania with 21 different plants

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: Jami Usmania Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has completed a garden with the name of “Quranic Garden” which consists of 21 different plants whose names are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Talking to The Frontier Post Maulana Hussain Ahmad said that Jamia Usmania which was established in 1992 and thousands of students so far have got Islamic education from the institution and spreading Islamic education among the communities.

He further added that the basic idea of Quranic Garden was to established a garden of all plants which are discussed in the Holy Quran, adding that around 21 plants are available in the garden.

He further said that every year around 2.4 million students were getting certified education from Islamic Madrassas across the country while 1300 wafaqul Madrass across the country in which 5600 were in KP.

On the registration of Islamic Madrassas and notification of education department he said that the registration of Wefaq ul Madaris is under 1860 Society Act, adding that in 2005 the National Assembly and all provincial assembly pass the act and that was still implemented in the country for the registration of Madaris.

He further added that they were not accountable to KP board as they were affiliated with the Wefaqul Madaris , adding that the notification which was send by the Board has taken its notification.

Maulana Hussain Ahmad said that if the government is serious to amendment in the act of registration then they should pass act from the national assembly as well as provincial assembly.

He informed that still there are hurdles in registration of Islamic Madrassa in the country but there is act available in the law and people facing all hurdles still registered the Madaris.

On the announcement that provincial government claim that they implanted Quranic Nazira with translation in all school he said that this was a good initiative of the provincial government but the government not hired any cleric and mufti for those post.

He added and claim that all Madrassas in Pakistan and special Wefaqul Madris not spreading any hatred speech but providing a peaceful message to their students to work for the betterment of the community.

He informed that all the funding of Jamia Usmania is providing by the wealth people and the institution is providing Islamic education as well as modern education, adding that currently around 1830 students were getting education.

On the provincial government announcement to providing ten thousand monthly salaries to Imam masjid across the province he said that this was only the announcement of election campaign and the government must give it a proper PC-1 and include it in the budget that it will be a long term project.