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Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has paid an official visit to Morocco and signed a memorandum of understanding in the defense field with his Moroccan Counterpart Mr. Abdellatif Ludiya on Wednesday. The two countries also signed a bilateral agreement to expand cooperation in the fields of industrial cooperation, military training, and Intelligence sharing. According to the Moroccan Defense Minister, the agreement is a significant step in deepening relations between Israel and Morocco. The Israeli Defense Minister was of the view that the agreement would pave the path to enter into joint projects of the two countries and will allow Israeli defense exports to Morocco during the coming days. According to Gantz, both countries need to continue their work to develop and expand their cooperation in all fields.

There were no diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel for decades after the existence of Israel at Arab land however the North African nation forged low level diplomatic relations with Jewish State during 1990, which were severed by Morocco due to Palestinians uprising in the year 2000. Later, Morocco established trade and economic relations with the world’s sole Jewish State after signing of normalization agreement with Israel in December 2020. The Morocco-Israel bilateral relations were the part of the Abraham Accord, which was created by the years-long efforts of the Trump administration particularly Trump’s Jew son in law Jared Kushner. After signing Abraham Accord, Morocco became second North African Muslim nation after Egypt which recognised Israel.

According to reports, Morocco-Israel relations was a result of a bargain during which the United States agreed to accept Morocca’s sovereignty over the disputed region of Western Sahara, about which previous US administrations had been supporting the idea of a UN led referendum in the territory. Presently, all Arab nations have delineated their foreign policy from Palestinian issue and focus on their state’s interests and ambitious of purchasing Israeli arms and ammunition. Whereas Israel is tactfully dealing with its Arab rivals while exploiting their individual needs and weaknesses. Apparently, the time is not far when Arab nations will be the biggest buyers of Israeli weapons with the intent of using them against each other.

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