Rabbani, Dostam discuss removal of Attah

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Acting Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani met 1st Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostam in Turkey on current political crisis sparked by the removal of Attaullah Muhammad Noor as Balkh governor by the president.

The two members of Coalition to Rescue Afghanistan also discussed the recent differences between government and Jamiat-i-Islami over the removal of Noor. Salahuddin Rabbani said in tweet Saturday that he exchanged views with General Dostam on Afghanistan’s political and security situation.

The meeting held at a time when head of Dostam’s office, Farhamand, said some people within the national unity were creating hurdles in Dostam’s return to the country. However, there are speculations that work is under way on paving ground for Dostam’s arrival. General Dostam who is also the 1st vice president is living in exile since alleged involvement in the abduction and rapping of his political rival Ahmad Eschi.