Rama lake, Dewsai plains attract tourists

Rama lake, Dewsai plains attract tourists

F.P. Report

ASTORE: Rama lake and Dewsai plains are attracting a large number of tourists these days in Astore from other parties of the country to enjoy its natural beauty and take some respite from scorching heat in plain areas of Pakistan.

On last Sunday, domestic tourists thronged to Rama lake, Dewsai plains and others scenic hilly areas of Astore to enjoy natural beauty of the areas besides waterfalls and lush green valleys to taking some respite from scorching heat.

The weather in upper areas of Astore is very pleasant and many people along with families are coming to enjoy pleasant weather here.

“I came from Nowshera along with my father to see the natural beauty of Gilgit Baltistan,’” Khurshid Alam, a tourist from Nowshera district told media at Dewsai plains.

“Dewsai plains are very attractive place for tourists and its cold breeze is amazing,” he said. He urged tourists to come here along with families and seen its natural and mountainous beauty.

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