Ramadan and the profit mongers

Ramadan is one of the august and sublime months for all the Muslims around the world. This month is the most awaited one, and it is commemorated with great pomp and show by keeping in mind the sacrosanctity of it.

The observers have very special preparation and paraphernalia in order to earn more rewards and blessings in this holy month of Ramadan. In this month there is a great didacticism for all the people that we should take care of the paupers and destitute in our surroundings. We should provide some comestible items according to our financial capacity that they shouldn’t feel deprived and bereft in this blessed month. No doubt everything is available in copious state everywhere, but the capacity of procuring is somehow beyond someone’s budget, especially in this month.

As this month is considered very hallowed, most of the businessmen and vendors tend to have some rapacious intentions to earn more money. They should sink the prices by having a scrupulous sense of helping the deserving people in this month.

Today is the first day of Ramadan, and the fancy prices in the market on all items will flabbergast you up to the hilt.  The government is busy overhead and ears in its bureaucratic maneuvers and all the politicians are busy up to their eyes in their political campaigns while slandering and accusing one another to win the public opinion for the upcoming election. This proclivity and propensity, especially in this month to earn more money than blessings, is unfair and reproachful.

This is the foremost responsibility and bounden of the government to have a proper check and balance over price control. It’s a travesty even in this holy month; the western countries where Muslims are residing, the prices of different items are dropped for the sake of Muslims. But Muslims in our country tend to have hoarding and fancy prices to earn more. It exhibits our bravados that we really care of one another in this holy month, but in fact we don’t have the sense of serving and assisting the deserving people. It also shows a dereliction on the part of the government by not taking some coercive actions against the wrong-doers.

They should have some special committees with regular visits in the market in order to have proper check and balance over price control and quality. At least people should have a sigh of relief in this sanctified month of Ramadan.

Arif Afridi

Bara, Khyber Agency