Rana Sanaullah rejects Imran’s claim of two shooters

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has rejected the claim of PTI Chairman Imran Khan that there were two shooters who launched a gun attack on him adding that the former prime minister is continuously running an organized campaign against the institutions.

The interior minister expressed these remarks while giving briefing to the parliamentarians of the allied parties on the Wazirabad firing incident in which Imran was shot in the leg.

Federal minister and members of National Assemble belonging to allied parties participated in the briefing.

Sanaullah apprised the lawmakers that according to the secret agencies report, there was no other shooter except Naveed. He said the bullet that hit Muazzam fired from an SMG which might have belonged to a security guard.

“Imran’s claim regarding another shooter is wrong,” the interior minister asserted.

He also rubbished the PTI chief’s claim that he received four bullets. He suggested a thorough inquiry into Imran’s assertion.

The parliamentarians who were attending the briefing questioned why different tests of Imran were not conducted.

Sanaullah said that according to the investigation report, Naveed – the prime suspect who was arrested red-handed – did not belong to any political party nor did he have anyone’s backing.

He said there were reports of terrorism and the Punjab government was alerted about that.

Sanaullah said that Imran was continuously running an organized campaign against the institutions.

The meeting decided to hold a debate in the assembly on the matter of Imran’s campaign against the institutions and the assembly has framed a strategy in this regard.

‘People have rejected ‘Fitna’ march’

Later, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the interior minister lashed out at PTI supporters who have closed M1 and M2 to protest Thursday’s gun attack on their leader Imran Khan.

He reminded the provincial governments that it was their responsibility to keep the motorway open.

The provincial governments should fulfil their constitutional and legal obligations, Sanaullah said warning that ‘I want to make it clear on provincial governments that what these governments are doing, there is a legal option available to deal with this’.

He requested the high courts in Peshawar and Lahore to take notice of the matter. Later, the provincial governments will move to courts to get relief, he added.

He said that creating difficulties for their own people, was a foreign agenda. He castigated the KP and Punjab governments asking them ‘don’t protect a few people on the roads, rather make them sprint away’.

Sanaullah held that the PTI supporters were creating difficulties for people. “People have rejected their Fitna march,” he maintained. 

He said that the PTI protest on motorway was being held under the protection of KP and Punjab governments.

There are no more than 15-20 PTI supporters on the motorway, but it was being shown that there were so many protesters on the roads by burning tyres and blocking traffic.

Sanaullah said that they always used to say that Imran was a ‘Fitna’. Only a few thousand PTI protesters have come out of their homes from the entire length and breadth of the country. 

Lashes out at Imran for creating difficulties for Islamabad people

 The interior minister condemned Imran’s statement about senior journalists.

Talking about the Wazirabad gun attack incident, he said there was only one accused whose name was Naveed. He said investigations of the case were underway and Naveed did not belong to any political or religious group.

Taking a jibe at PTI chief, he said Imran was sitting miles away from the limits of Islamabad and he was creating difficulties for people.

Cabinet under PM can decide about governor’s rule in Punjab

 When asked about the imposition of governor’s rule in Punjab, the interior minister said that the federal cabinet under Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif could take decision on it.

 FIA probing Imran’s speech

Sanaullah said that the FIA was probing the speech of Imran Khan. If there was something outrageous in his speech, then an action will be taken under the Criminal Procedure Code and the PECA Ordinance, the interior minister added.