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Rangoli lashes out at Farhan, Sonam for siding with Hrithik

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MUMBAI: Kangana’s sister, Rangoli has criticized Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor for taking side and showing support to Hrithik Roshan, in his conflict with the outspoken Kangna Ranaut.

In a recent interview Hrithik rejected all the allegations of Kangana and said that all the accusation which were leveled by his co-star and after the interview several celebrities of the industry showed their support in favor of Hrithik in his dispute with the Kangana.

Farhar Akhtar said after the Interview didn’t need to criticize Hrithik just because Kangana is woman and we need to understand the real issue between these two. Apart from Farhan Akhtar many other stars including Sonam Kapoor and Karan Johar also showed their support to Hrithik.

Rangoli came hard on these celebrities for showing support to Hrithik Roshan and claiming that these stars cannot digest that a common girl coming from the mountainous area without knowing how to speak English language. They are trying to keep their hold control industry and despite that they knew the actual situation still they supporting Hrithik which is painful and injustice.


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